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Static Solutions UR-3040 Ultimat Static Dissipative Two Layer Ru

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Dual layer Rubber surface mat
Embossed finish for easy cleaning Resistant to hot solder Chemical resistant Available in dark blue or grey Conductive layer for effective dissipation This rubber matting has an easy-to-clean, pebbled surface. The mat's surface resistivity and resistance-to-ground values are in the 106 to 108 (< 1 x 109) ohms range; providing safe, effective dissipation of static charges and meeting ESD Association Guidelines. The dual layer rubber mat's effectiveness and durability provide outstanding long-term value. WORK MATS - 2 installed 10mm snaps, 1 GC-1102 low profile common point ground cord. SIZE BLUE P/N GREY P/N 24" x 36" RM-3301 RM-4301 24" x 48" RM-3302 RM-4302 30" x 48" RM-3303 RM-4303 RUBBER MATS - 2 installed 10mm snaps. No ground cord. SIZE BLUE P/N GREY P/N 24" x 36" RM-3401 RM-4401 24" x 48" RM-3402 RM-4402 30" x 48" RM-3403 RM-4403 ROLL STOCK - Hardware not included. SIZE BLUE P/N GREY P/N 24" x 50' RM-3410 RM-4410 30" x 50' RM-3411 RM-4411 36" x 50' RM-3412 RM-4412 48" x 50' RM-3414 RM-4414

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