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Conductive bins
These bins are the perfect storage solution for storing your sensitive, electrical equipment. These fragile items need to be stored in a secure storage unit that will not interfere with the conductivity of the items. Quantum Storage manufactures these bins with a wide ledge so that you can stack these bins on top of each other, which takes up less storage space. These conductive bins are manufactured from polypropylene and will protect your electrical components from typical electromagnetic interference (EMI), electrostatic or induced fields. The conductive material that these bins are made from provides a barrier that these fields cannot penetrate, and also prevents the buildup of electrostatic charge. These bins remain permanently conductive, even after being washed with normal cleaning agents. The bins are molded from a carbon-filled copolymer polypropylene material that has an electrostatic decay rate at less than 0.1 second. This meets military specification Mil-B-81075B. The surface resistivity is less than 105 Ohms per square. Ensure that all storage units are properly grounded according to your use. These bins are only available in black.

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 18 March, 2010.

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